City of Lake Mills, Wisconsin

On the shores of Rock Lake

Yard Waste Center

The Yard Waste Center is located on Stony Road between CP Avenue and Topeka Drive and is open 24/7 for City residents. City Residents can properly dispose of leaves, grass clippings, branches & brush at no charge.


Phone: (920)648-4026

The Yard Waste Center has 4 marked bins.

  • In the left bin, residents may deposit modest amounts of broken concrete and/or asphalt from home projects. However building demolition materials such as framing, drywall, windows, doors, and shingles must be properly landfilled by a certified waste hauler.
  • Second from left is the wood bin, where brush and cut up trees may be deposited. Residents may also remove wood free of charge from this bin for personal use.
  • The third bin is for debris that can be composted, such as leaves or grass and garden clippings.
  • In the right bin the City deposits wood chips. These are free for the taking by residents to use as mulch.