City of Lake Mills, Wisconsin

On the shores of Rock Lake

Snow Plowing, Removal & Salting

We work in conjunction with the Police Department as to when we initiate our snow removal activities. However, once started, each driver has his own route. The routes are designed to take approximately the same length of time to complete Our mission is to have everyone in the City with a passable street before we begin to pick up snow and clean out parking lots.

In accordance with City Ordinance 573-23 and 573-24, Snow and ice removal, property owners are required to remove snow from their sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow ceases. Owners are also required to treat slippery/hazardous surfaces on public sidewalks whenever they exist. Failure to follow this ordinance may result in the City doing the work and charging the cost to the owner.

When clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways it is important to remember to NOT deposit the snow on the street. Persons in violation will be eligible for a citation in accordance with Ordinance 573-28, Enforcement; violations and penalties.