City of Lake Mills, Wisconsin

On the shores of Rock Lake

Right-of-Way Maintenance

The right-of-way (ROW) on an ordinary city street is the area between the abutting property lines. It includes the public sidewalks, terrace or tree lawn, curb and gutter, pavement, and whatever public utilities are installed under or over it. It is under City control, however routine maintenance, such as mowing, raking and shoveling are delegated to the abutting owner.

All trees and shrubs located within the right-of-way are the property and responsibility of the City of Lake Mills and are governed by Ordinance 665-B, Trees and Plants. A property owner desiring to have a terrace tree trimmed, removed, planted or replaced, should contact the Parks & Forestry Director to have the request evaluated. The resulting action will be at no cost to the property owner.

If an owner is planning to do work in the ROW that disturbs the sidewalk, terrace, driveway apron, curb and gutter, pavement or utilities, an excavation permit must be obtained from City Hall for a fee.