City of Lake Mills, Wisconsin

On the shores of Rock Lake

City Attorney

Daniel A. Drescher - City Attorney
200D Water St
Lake Mills, WI  53551
Phone: (920)648-2344
Fax: (920)648-2347
The City Attorney will attain the goal of handling legal matters in a timely and efficient manner by:

  • GENERAL LEGAL COUNSEL: Provide day-to-day legal advice and counseling to the City Council, City Manager and administration, boards and commissions and the various departments by attending meetings and work sessions as needed or directed.
  • LITIGATION: Represent the City of Lake Mills in civil cases initiated by or brought against the City, and supervise outside legal representation obtained by the attorney for specialized legal needs.
  • PROSECUTION: Represent the City of Lake Mills in municipal ordinance prosecutions, whether initiated by summons or citation or referred back by the District Attorney for municipal prosecution. Coordinate criminal and civil prosecutions as needed. Supervise outside legal counsel obtained by the City Attorney for specialized legal needs, except when outside counsel has been obtained to avoid conflict of interest situations. Treat defendants with courtesy and the court with proper decorum while endeavoring to make sure that the interests of justice are served.
  • LEGAL OPINIONS: Research and draft opinions on legal matters in response to requests of Council and other appropriate City officials.
  • ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS: Research relevant law and draft legislation necessary for City Council review, and develop administrative materials necessary to implement policy decisions of the City Council. Review and approve legislation and administrative materials prepared by others for consistency with City of Lake Mills standards.
  • CONTRACTS AND OTHER LEGAL DOCUMENTS: Draft or review contracts and other legal documents to which the City is a party.
  • CONVEYANCE OF REAL PROPERTY: Prepare purchase offers, leases, contracts, deeds and other relevant materials related to City of Lake Mills real estate transactions, acquisitions by eminent domain, leasing or disposition of property.
  • CLAIMS: Investigate, analyze and adjust claims filed against the City, and provide claimants with courteous responses. Supervise activities conducted by the City's insurance carriers with respect to claims and suits.
  • COLLECTIONS: Provide support to city departments having responsibility for collection of debts owed the City, such as taxes, fees, utility bills, liens and damage to City property.
  • PERSONNEL MATTERS: Consult with City Manager or other appropriate supervisory or administrative official on all matters brought to the City Attorney that are personnel related.
  • DEVELOPMENT PROPOSALS: Confer with City Manager, Engineering Consultant and Planning Consultant on proposed land use controls and development projects. Draft Developer's Agreements and approve financial guaranty documents, in consultation with and under the direction of the City Manager.


    The mission of the City Attorney is to provide legal services and representation to the City of Lake Mills. Because the City is an organization, the City Attorney represents the interests of the public entity through its duly authorized officials.  The City Attorney is authorized by statute to conduct all of the legal business in which the City is interested by providing day-to-day advice and consultation to the City Council, City Manager, Officers and Department Directors, Commissions and Boards.  In addition, the City Attorney renders, upon request, oral and written legal opinions and ethics opinions; conducts legal research; drafts ordinances, instruments and documents needed by City officials; prosecutes violations of the Municipal Code; represents the City in legal proceedings and matters in which the City has an interest; and maintains competence in practice areas associated with municipal practice.  In fulfilling this mission, the City Attorney acts as counselor, negotiator, intermediary, prosecutor and advocate while exercising independent, professional judgment, rendering candid advice on matters relevant to the City's situation, and defending the lawful decisions of City officials and agencies.  Moreover, the City Attorney's mission is to provide these services by serving the client's and public interest through adhering to the professional standards, rules of conduct and laws regulating lawyers and public officials, while upholding the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Wisconsin.