City of Lake Mills, Wisconsin

On the shores of Rock Lake

"Sharps" Disposal

City Residents can properly dispose of used "Sharps" (including diabetic syringes and needles) at the Lake Mills Light & Water building, 155 Industrial Drive, Monday-Friday from 7am-3pm. 

Sharps must be in an approved container before entering the Lake Mills Light & Water building. Approved containers include commercially available sharps containers or a heavy plastic detergent or bleach bottle that have screw caps.  Containers must be labeled with the words biohazard, infectious waste, sharps or have the biohazard label on each container.  Sharps contained in coffee cans, plastic milk jugs, bags, aluminum or metal cans or plastic soda bottles will not be accepted. Unlabeled containers will also not be accepted for disposal.  Individuals wanting to get rid of sharps materials at the Lake Mills Light & Water building must place them directly into the disposal bin since city employees will not handle the material under the city's sharps policy.  City workers also retain the right to refuse acceptance of inappropriate or not properly labeled containers.

Phone:  (920) 648-4026