City of Lake Mills, Wisconsin

On the shores of Rock Lake

Found Property Notice



A set of boat keys was found at the Town of Lake Mills boat launch on 06/11/24. If you lost a set of boat keys, contact the Lake Mills PD at 920-648-2354 to identify and claim them.


On 5-24-2024 money was found on the side walk near the American Legion Burger Stand. If you can identify the money clip belonging with the money, you can pick up the property at the Lake Mills Police Department during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 7a-5p.


Two items of property were turned in to the Lake Mills Police Department this weekend.

1) A fitbit watch that was found at Sandy Beach.

2) A beaded necklace that was found at Commons Park.

If either item belongs to you, contact the Lake Mills Police Department (920-648-2354) to verify ownership and retrieve your property.