City of Lake Mills, Wisconsin

On the shores of Rock Lake


7-6-7:                OWNER RIGHTS AND DUTIES:


  1. The owner(s) of lots or grave spaces wishing to make improve­ments to the same shall receive approval from the Cemetery Superintendent before making any such improvement.
  2. The cemetery reserves to itself the entire control of every tree, shrub, vine or plant growing within its boundaries whether planted by the owner or otherwise, including the right of removal and the right of determining whether such removal is advisable.
  3. Spring decorations may be placed on grave spaces beginning April 16, and are subject to removal on October 15.  Winter decorations may be placed on grave spaces beginning November 1, and are subject to removal on April 1.  If any decorations are to be kept for future use, they should be removed by the owners before the cemetery's removal dates.
  4. Glass receptacles for cut or artificial flowers shall not be used on any grave, nor shall fragile receptacles be used as a container for flowers or otherwise.
  5. In no event shall the cemetery or its agents be responsible for decorations or articles placed in the cemetery.
  6. Urns or vases which are to be filled with earth and growing plants shall be constructed of durable material such as cement or cast iron.  They shall be kept in good repair, and iron vases shall be properly painted.  Broken or unpainted urns or vases and vases that have not received care for two (2) consecutive years may be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Superintendent, and neither the cemetery nor its agents assumes any responsibility for their care or return.
  7. The placing of boxes, shelves, ornaments, chairs, settees, glass, wood or iron cases and similar articles upon a lot or grave space shall not be permitted, and if so placed, the Superintendent is authorized to remove the same.
  8. The planting of any perennial, tree, shrub, flower, flower bed or plant and the placement of any urn, marker, or monument may be made on the grave space if approved by the Superinten­dent.  If any person sets out or plants these items on a lot or grave space in an unsightly manner or fails to properly care for them, the Superintendent may cause them to be removed.
  9. The placing of shepherd hooks is restricted.  No person may place or install a shepherd hook on any grave space without first obtaining permission from the Superintendent.  The maximum height of the shepherd hook shall not exceed thirty (30) inches between the top of the marker or monument and the top of the shepherd hook.  No shepherd hook shall be used for any purpose other than to support hanging flowers or wreaths.
  10. The Cemetery Superintendent is authorized to remove anything which is in violation of this section or which is detrimental to the general welfare of the cemetery.  If the same is not removed after a ten (10) day written notice mailed to the last known address of the registered owner, the Superintendent shall remove such objectionable object and the expense incurred in removing the same shall be charged against the lot or grave space owner.  The notice provisions are not applica­ble to the routine spring and fall clean-up in paragraph C above.
  11. Wooden fences, railings, hedges, shrubbery or other enclosures are prohibited.
  12. No mounds shall be allowed in the cemetery.  All grave spaces shall be filled so they will be flush with the ground, and the Superintendent or his agent shall bear this responsibility.
  13. Weeds, dead flowers, branches and other rubbish shall be deposited in receptacles provided at the cemetery. 



For the complete Cemetery Ordinance, click here, and go to Chapter 6.