City of Lake Mills, Wisconsin

On the shores of Rock Lake

Leaf Pickup

In an effort to be environmentally proactive and prevent leaves from contaminating our waterways, the City has purchased a self-contained leaf vacuum. It is designed to remove leaves from the terrace within eight feet of the curb. Therefore, please do NOT deposit leaves in the gutter this fall.

Leaf pickup will begin when raking season begins and will be continuous thereafter, weather permitting. Therefore leaves will be picked up more frequently than in the past.

The preferred alternative to raking is to mulch them with your lawn mower. It is easier than raking. It is free food for your lawn. There are no pile of leaves to blow around or get covered by snow. And it is fewer leaves your tax dollars have to move. Another alternative is to deliver them to the Yard Waste Center. Just remember to tarp any open loads and to empty and remove any bags from the site.

Click Here to watch an informational video on mulching.